Does Sea Foam Clean Fuel Systems?

SF16CA Composite SM05510 ENG FRE v20210730 3

Enter a Feather Lite FL1500LE Weed Eater that no longer ran and needed a new carburetor to restore its original function that was treated with Sea Foam Motor Treatment.  The engine was unable to be started. Upon further inspection, it appeared that the engine was not receiving fuel unless the primer was pushed, indicating there was a restriction to the internal circuits of the carburetor. The original owner had purchased a new weed eater and was saving this one for parts.

10 mL of Sea Foam Motor Treatment was added to the existing fuel in the weed eater’s fuel tank and then was shaken to mix the fuel and the Sea Foam together. The engine struggled to start for several minutes, then would run and die. This pattern continued until it was discovered that the engine would continue to run if primed.

After five minutes of running, the engine needed less priming and began to operate on its own. The RPM increased and the engine reached maximum RPM with no choke applied and full throttle over the course of 20 minutes. After this time, the engine no longer hesitated or stalled and would idle on its own. The fuel tank was refilled with pre-mixed fuel and Sea Foam Motor Treatment and ran again. The engine operated normally thereafter.

So, does Sea Foam clean fuel systems? According to this independent study, YES! When added to the weed eater’s fuel tank, Sea Foam Motor Treatment cleaned the fuel system. It removed deposits from inside the carburetor that were restricting the flow of fuel.