Sea Foam Enters Canada

SFI CA Flag Product Lineup

BISMARCK, ND USA; MISSISSAUGA ON CANADA – Sea Foam International, Inc. (SFI), has entered into an agreement with manufacturers’ representative Grant Brothers Sales Ltd. (GBS) to support SFI customers across Canada. The agreement covers the entire SFI line of products including best-seller Sea Foam Motor Treatment. 

“We are excited about this strategic relationship that will match our line of top-selling products, some of which have been on the market since 1942, with one of Canada’s leading manufacturers’ sales agencies who, since 1945, has propelled companies to achieve greater sales and unstoppable growth,” said Michael Wagner, CEO for SFI. “In more recent years, both companies have taken a strategic, tech-led approach to all aspects of their businesses and will be combining those resources to accelerate sales, achieve faster response times and provide an overall better customer experience. It’s a perfect fit,” stated Charlie Grant, CEO for GBS. 

Since 1942, Sea Foam has delivered a professional-grade fuel additive as well as a full line of specialty formulas for professionals and consumers in North America. Sea Foam products are designed to ensure the job gets done right, the first time. 

“We’re excited to be working with Grant Brothers Sales, who is now our exclusive rep in Canada,” said Wagner. “They are a very knowledgeable team that understands the automotive, retail, industrial, marine, heavy-duty and hardware needs in Canada, and specifically the need for professional-grade products, which makes them an ideal partner for us.” 

Grant Brothers Sales leads the industry with technical advances that allows them to strategize, conduct real-time data analysis and create informative reports for clients so they stay ahead of the competition. 

An important element of the partnership is the promotion of new products, including High Mileage and Marine Pro, as well as a product education campaign. According to Wagner, many consumers are unaware of the ill-effects of untreated fuel on engines of all types and sizes. “We have developed a Learning Management System (LMS) for use at all levels of distribution that will make it fun, easy and effective to learn about Sea Foam products,” said Wagner. “We have also gamified it for countermen, complete with prizes and other awards for completing the short, easy course. Most modules take less than 10 minutes to complete.” 

“Using our strong industry knowledge, experience and skills, our team of motivated and passionate sales experts are ready to get Sea Foam products in front of a broader audience,” states Grant, “This is an exciting opportunity for both companies.” 


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